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Free Blog Content – Paradise Revisited

May 11, 2010 | Comments Off on Free Blog Content – Paradise Revisited


By Kenneth Middleton

Content updates – The blogging equivalent of a mother-in-law!

Every silver lining has a dark cloud they say. Sadly, blogging is no different and the power and the glory come with a hefty price tag. The cost of keeping your blogs happily raking in revenues sometimes gets to the point of dumping a tropical monsoon right in the middle of your otherwise perfect parade.

A healthy 10 blog spread can cost its owner upwards of $20 a day to update with new material. That’s over $7,000 a year in writer’s fees just to keep the blogs competitive. You could always write the content yourself, if you like working 23 hours a day that is. Now if you could have all this done automatically and for free, what would you say?

Free blog content – yeah right!

Ok, now that the laughter has died down, let me set you straight. Not only is automated blog updates a very real possibility, but you can have some of that of fresh content absolutely free. There is an automated blog content generator that uses material fed via RSS to compile good, solid posts and send them off to the blogs of your choice with no intervention from you. And when I say solid I mean it. The posts are structure according to the keyword parameters you set and are right on the button when it comes to reaching that market sweet spot.

And if all this was not already almost too good to be true, you can have it for free. This package features a free option which will allow you to post 60 entries a month on the house. That could mean 1 free update per day for two blogs. That could make a serious dent in the cost of running multiple blogs.

Which application does all this?

This bloggers saviour is available from BlogOverdrive.com. The application requires no download of software or local installation so you are free to log in use the service from whichever internet enabled location you prefer. The interface is simple to use and allows a great deal of flexibility due to the wide range of user presets available. So you can be sure the posts are hitting the mark every time.

In addition to the free option, BlogOverdrive features several pay options that allow the user to post up to 2,000 entries per month. These options are all reasonably priced when compared to the costs, in terms of time and writers fees, of having your blogs updated manually. Just the peace of mind and freedom one gains from using the service is a silver lining worth getting rained on for!