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Automatic Blog Content Generators– Revolutionising Blogs

May 7, 2010 | Comments Off on Automatic Blog Content Generators– Revolutionising Blogs



Blog sites have become extremely in rage during the past few years. They have gained popularity for their personal and informal touch. So much that they’ve even facilitated development of related products, such as automatic blog content generators.

Blog Content- Basic Characteristics

Blogs, unlike the ordinary websites, are more dynamic in nature, and are not rigid in character. They also are up to date, and contain all the relevant and contemporary contents. On the other hand, ordinary websites are static, and they are not updated as frequently as blogs. This entails that the blog content be changed constantly with new and comprehensive information. Many Blogs are monetized. This is done by the blogger by way of ‘renting’ out a portion of his blog space for advertising and marketing purposes. If the blog content is maintained ideal to the needs of web users, the blog and the advertised product or service would also consequently benefit financially. Monetization of blogs is what has given rise to automatic blog content.

Blog Content

Ideal Blog Content is created based on keywords. To begin with, the blogger identifies all the possible keywords associated with the kind of information related to his blog. Then, he writes the blog content which would include all the identified keywords. When the web users enter one or more of these keywords in their search efforts, the blog is picked by the search engine and listed in their result. Hence more keywords essentially means more ‘hits’ on the blog. When the blog is accessed more, the advertisement space in that blog also gets exposure. This involuntarily means more marketing of the product or service. This automatically leads to monetary gains for the advertiser as well as the blogger.

The major difficulty faced by the blogger is creation of well-written, relevant blog content in the shortest possible span. Earlier, when the blog content was written manually, it meant lot of strain on the time and energy of the blogger. This emphasised on the need of computerising the generation of blog content.

Development of Automatic Blog Content

Need for quick and comprehensive blogs led to the concept of automatic blog content. It works in the following manner:

–          The blogger starts by noting all the keywords associated with his blog.

–          The blogger then feeds these keywords to the program known as Automatic Blog Content Writer/Generator.

–          The Automatic Blog Content Writer creates new, fresh blog content, which would incorporate all the keywords specified by the blogger.

Unique Pro’s of automatic blog content

The biggest merit of Automatic Blog Content Writers is that the generation of blog content is mechanised, and thus, most convenient to the blogger. Also, the blog content creation is fast, much less time-consuming than the manual creation. Therefore, the blog would always be current in nature. This would enhance the overall opinion regarding the blog, and bring up its rating in the Internet. And this in turn, results in monetary benefits to the blogger.