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How to Keep Your Blog Content Updated Automatically

April 6, 2010 | Comments Off on How to Keep Your Blog Content Updated Automatically


By Kenneth Middleton

Every sport has its injuries.

It seems a little extreme to add updating your blog to a list of things like grass burns, sprains tennis elbow, but having to do this odious task is definitely a pain. However, do it we must. A stale blog is a dead blog and without fresh fodder every day the little darlings just fade away.

Still, the certain knowledge that the fate of our creations rest in the updates we post makes the posting none the less tedious or expensive. Writing the material takes more time than the average blogger has and having the content written for you costs an arm and a leg.

The ideal situation would be a willing slave that would sit, quiet and uncomplaining, in the background and churn out masses of copy on demand. Unfortunately quiet, uncomplaining slaves are hard to come by these days so the dream dies right there. Or does it?

Automated updates for your blog content.

The slave theory may not be sufficiently PC to survive in today’s enlightened times but there is an alternative that won’t have activists picketing outside your door. Enter the automated blog generator. A simple software application the uses a set of user defined rules to accurately identify suitable RSS fed material, grab what it needs, restructure it to address the needs of the target market and quietly post it off to the blogs that need it.

This software has lightened the load for an ever increasing number of dedicated devotees and just like a set of literary shin guards, is preventing blog update bruises for all that use it. It is easy to use and encompasses user customisable features that make it flexible as well as convenient. Most converts swear by the application and see it as an essential addition to their business tool set.

Where does this software wonder come from?

The blog update software in question is produced by BlogOverdrive.com and is the result of extensive R & D, market experience and user input. A supplier run application, BlogOverdrive resides on the host server and not on your PC. This not only does away with the need to download and install the software, but allows the user to access the software from a destination of choice.

Service options allow users to choose from several cost effective variations including a 60 post free account. The flagship package gives the user the opportunity to post over 2,000 blog entries a month and is very competitively priced. Considering the savings involved both in time and professional fees for writers, the cost of the software is extremely attractive and the ability to avoid those pesky grazes and grass burns should close the deal every time.