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Blog Content Wizard- Fresh, Effortless Content Updates at your Fingertips

April 6, 2010 | Comments Off on Blog Content Wizard- Fresh, Effortless Content Updates at your Fingertips


By Kenneth Middleton

Updating your blog getting you down?

Your blogs are pumping, rankings are climbing like a rocket and revenues are snowballing. Life is golden, right? Well yes, if you didn’t have to spend every waking hour on keeping the content fresh. And that’s not a negotiable factor. If you start to neglect that part of the process the whole house of cards comes down.

Most bloggers will, at this point, consider hiring a writer or a team of writers to update their blog content. This works well from a logistic viewpoint but at a realistic minimum of $2 a post quickly starts to have a negative impact on that sweet bottom line. A conservative 5 blog stable can cost thousands of dollars a year to update in this way. Not to mention the headaches that often go hand in hand with having to marshal the input of several writers.

Is there no other way of having blog content updated?

Until fairly recently automated content generation was nothing more than a pipe dream for overworked bloggers. Fortunately the dream has come true with the advent of functional and effective automatic content generation. An increasing number of long suffering bloggers are adding the blog content wizard to their arsenals as an essential business tool. These applications are completely redefining the status of the blog phenomenon in terms of profitability and viability at a time when the ship was starting to sink under its own weight.

And gone are the days of garbled, irrelevant generated content. The auto blogger harnesses the power of RSS fed material and uses pre-defined keyword parameters to accurately identify, assimilate and post blog updates that are eloquent and right on the numbers. And all this without any notable input from the blog owner. The dream is, indeed, a reality.

Which blog content wizard is the best choice?

The cream of the content wizard crop is undoubtedly BlogOverdrive.com. A huge amount of R & D and dedication to providing real, workable solutions for bloggers has produced a product that not only works but works very well. Quick and simple to use, the BlogOverdrive content wizard taps into RSS feeds form a controlled selection of sources and, according to the preset keyword list, automatically posts the content to the blogs of your choice.

The BlogOverdrive.com product is flexible in terms of pricing with several packages available ranging from a 60 post free service to an impressive 2000 post flagship. The software is supplier run so you won’t have to download or install anything on your system. This allows you to tap into the power of the service from anywhere you have internet cover. Once you’ve used BlogOverdrive you will not be able to figure out how you ever got by without it.