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Creating new and unique content for blogs

March 13, 2010 | Comments Off on Creating new and unique content for blogs



While blog marketing seems to be the in thing today, it is also the kind of marketing that will constantly keep you on your toes. If you have been doing this for some time now, you would have realised that the content for blogs needs to be fresh all the time. If you want people to visit and re-visit your blog, then there has to be something new for them to read or you will just be stuck with first-timers and that will not do you any good. In order to be a success, fresh content for blogs needs to be added at regular intervals. But how do you come up with new content constantly? Here are a few ideas:

Dig into your knowledge bank
Everybody knows something about a particular topic / topics that a lot of other people might not be aware of. The same principle would apply to you. Your first step to finding unique and new content for blogs should come from YOU. Write on topics that you are knowledgeable about, topics that are part of your profession etc. These will be topics that are unique to you and therefore you will be able to create blogs that have some value in terms of what they talk about.

Personal experiences and guides
Another great way to get unique content for blogs comes from your experience or the experiences of people around you. Personal experiences always have great interest value. You could write an article on just about any experience especially if you feel that it will act as a guide to all those who read it, either as a warning or a recommendation. Another useful concept is the do it yourself guides. People are always curious as to how to do things themselves. You can create such guides and put them up on article directories too.

Research is another great way of finding factual content for blogs. If you are choosing this path, then your research will come in 2 parts. First, you will need to spend an adequate amount of time on the internet and figure out what topics are the least written about. You would just be wasting your time if you choose a topic that is quite popular as there will be more than enough factual information on it. Choose topics that you feel you can contribute new information to. Once you have done this you should spend some time in places like the library in your locality etc. This will give you access to content that is probably not already on the internet.

Read newsletters
Newsletters are a great place to find ideas for content for blogs. For this however you need to subscribe to them first. Subscribing to newsletter may flood up your inbox but they are a very valuable source of ideas for blogs. Try and subscribe to newsletters that cover various fields so that you are not stuck with just one pool of ideas. For example, subscribe to newsletters from gaming websites, computer hardware sites, antivirus software sites etc.