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Marketing with blogs- An inexpensive way to reach customers

February 15, 2010 | Comments Off on Marketing with blogs- An inexpensive way to reach customers


With the growth of blogs on the internet and the large number of people actually reading it, a new way of marketing has come up. Marketing with blogs allows readers to comment and interact with you. This will help them gain a lot of confidence in you and as a result increase the business. The blog post can be reviews of products and services. It can also tell about the various promotions your company is offering.

Regular blogs
Regularly posting new blogs will build a regular readership which will result in a lot of traffic into your website. The human element in marketing with blogs will convince the reader to buy the product better than any advertisement can. In the blog post one can write about how one has used the product or service. While writing the blog, one should also incorporate the features and benefits of the product or service.
Use appropriate titles and layout
The title should have the keyword that people will generally look for. It should also be related to your product. This will make sure that your blog will pop up when the search is done and a targeted group will be viewing your website. This will naturally result in higher number of people actually using the blog for business. Marketing with blogs is much more effective than general advertisements. The layout should be easy to use and attractive but not so colorful as to make it look unprofessional.

Blogs should be valid for a long time
Marketing with blogs involves writing blogs which will remain valid for a long time. The information given about the product should hold true even months after the blog is posted. The blog will not be taken seriously if some of the facts stated aren’t true. Being trusted as an expert is very important if the blog has to successfully get business. So make sure the person writing the blogs is familiar with your products and services. You should also be able to answer queries posted as comments after your blog. This will help the viewers build a rapport with you.

Points to be noted before posting the blog
Though marketing with blogs seems to be simple they will need to be of a certain standard in order to make a person follow the advice. It should not be too personal or too product oriented.

• The right balance between information and humor will make the blog post attractive.
• It should have the right number of keywords to attract traffic.
• The whole blog should be search engine optimized so as to be displayed first in the search result.
• The blog should be well designed, preferably done by a professional.

If a blog is designed keeping all the above points in mind, it will definitely be successful in getting the desired results. Marketing with blogs is steadily becoming a very popular way of marketing with almost all online businesses.