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The right way to use a blog for marketing

February 8, 2010 | Comments Off on The right way to use a blog for marketing


Blogging used to be done to give one’s views about any experience to anybody who wants to read it. Today blogging is not just done for fun but also as a marketing tool. A blog for marketing is written by the online business itself. The company hires people who have good communicating skills to write in a casual tone and at the same time be able to write informative, convincing blogs.

Features of a good blog
A good blog for marketing is short and the content is to the point. Irrelevant material should be deleted so as not to bore the reader. All this should be written in a casual tone and nothing should be too formal. The title should be well written and the keywords placed at the right places in the right number. Check your blog regularly so that all the negative comments usually sent by competition can be deleted before they can damage your business. You can also use the feature where the comments will be displayed only after you allow them.

Choose the blogger well
The blogger you choose to write your blog for marketing should enjoy doing it and should be familiar with your products. His enthusiasm will reflect in the work and make the blog fun to read. The style of writing and skills should be checked before the posts are published. You should make sure your writer will proofread the blogs before posting them. Blogs with errors in spellings and grammar will not be taken seriously.

Trackback links
You can cross reference blogs to give the reader variety and a lot more knowledge but at the end choose your link which will be posted on all of them. It is also called as Trackback links. These have proved to be very helpful in getting traffic into your official company website. Having a single blogger do the blog for marketing will lead to a consistent quality and readers will connect better.

What not to do on a blog
Though there are no rules for writing a blog, if the purpose of your blog is to market products and services then there are some rules you need to follow.
• Do not repeat the keywords too often as the search engines can ban it for overusing keywords. Your blog will not be deleted for not being right but it will definitely not be displayed if somebody runs a search.
• Don’t neglect the headline. A good headline will attract a lot of people and a dull one can get ignored. Use software that will tell you how interesting your headline is.
• Stick to one point in the blog for marketing. Discussing a lot of irrelevant things can put the viewer off.
•  Don’t make the content dry and boring. Use a little humor or an anecdote from real life experience.

Maintaining a regularly updated blog for marketing will give you good business and popularize your brand. All this can be achieved with very little investment.