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How can you use blogs for marketing?

February 1, 2010 | Comments Off on How can you use blogs for marketing?


Using blogs for marketing will boost your business and increase the organization’s income. A blog has the ability to direct traffic into your website without costing you as much as a normal advertisement will cost you. Since the people who read the blogs are those who are looking for the particular product, the turnover is high.

Personal touch
In a website, the information is not personal and it is difficult to connect with the person reading it whereas blogs for marketing have a very personal touch to it. The opinion of a blogger will have a lot more value than the company’s official website as most people assume this to be a customer writing the blog from experience. A regularly updated blog which is well written will be visited often and within no time the person writing the blog will be trusted on the subject. This is how they can be made to visit your website and buy your products.

Different ways of having a blog
You can either have blogs for marketing in your own website so people who visit you website will automatically read these blogs. This will help the viewers understand your products better and the reviews written in blogs will help them decide too. Another way is to have a blog elsewhere and link that to your website. So anybody running a search for the product will read the blog post and then click on your link displayed on the blog to reach your website. This may be a better way as the person will think somebody is recommending the website and will naturally value this advice more.

Search engine optimized posts
Posts that have the right kind of keywords will be displayed first by the search engines. Using such blogs for marketing will show up when the particular product is looked up. This in turn increases the chances of potential customers doing business with you. Posting keyword optimized blog posts is one of the simplest ways of marketing your website. Advertisements on relevant websites and in any other form will cost you a lot more than the blogs. Designing them and keeping a track of them will also take a lot more effort. A blog should be regularly updated with the right keywords to be displayed first in the search result.

Use the RSS feature
If people like your blogs, they can subscribe to it and you can send updates using RSS or Atom feeds. Once a person visits your blog and subscribes to it, they will be updated about the new products regularly. Blogs for marketing should be easy to find and these feeds will make sure that the new posts are read. In this way they stay connected and will naturally choose your products. The best part is that posting blogs for marketing will cost you nothing but the benefits are remarkable and a little effort for writing blog posts will give you a huge boost in your business.