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How to design a good search engine marketing blog?

December 28, 2009 | Comments Off on How to design a good search engine marketing blog?



In today’s world where everything is done on the internet, if you don’t get out there and have your blog site, your competition will have a huge advantage over you. A search engine marketing blog will have to be well thought out, interesting and informative. Most blogs allow comments at the end of the blog. In order to respond to the questions readers ask about the blog, the writer should be knowledgeable about the company. Everything said should be true and valid to make the reader trust the blogger.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords will be chosen keeping the customer or the internet user in mind. People use certain words or phrases to look up the product the company is selling. This should be carefully researched and about 5 or 6 keywords should be chosen accordingly. The keywords should compulsorily come on the title. This will rank it higher on the list. More keywords on the title the easier it will be for the search engine to find your search engine marketing blog.

Geo specific blogs

In order to get local business, you can make your blog geo- specific by adding the name of the place in the blog. Customers usually try to look for the products available in a particular area. Writing blogs with keywords that include the name of the place will get your website more hits. It will also make the search engine choose your search engine marketing blog over other posts which haven’t mentioned the name of the area.


Though using keywords is what everybody advices you to do, using too many keywords can lead to you being banned from the search engines. Search engines smell something funny when there is overuse of keywords in your search engine marketing blog. Keywords should be incorporated within your natural writing style. About 2-3 % keywords will be sufficient. Always keep the content related as if the writer rambles on then there is a good chance that the reader will discontinue reading. Try to make one point in one blog.

Some tips to keep the blog on top

Most new bloggers encounter the problem of having very few people visiting their blogs this could be because they aren’t following all of the important points.

  • If you have HTML knowledge, you could change the title of the search engine marketing blog from using H2 tag to H1 tag.
  • Using WordPress, you can make the whole page have the same title as the post title which can be done using the SEO Plugin.
  • Regularly add new blogs so that the search result will display you in the first result page. Most people don’t look further than the first two pages.
  • RSS feeds will make sure all your new posts are published across the internet using SE crawlers.

Search engine marketing blogs generate a lot of traffic into your website and as a result lead to a lot of business.