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How can business blog marketing help you grow?

November 29, 2009 | Comments Off on How can business blog marketing help you grow?



Starting a business online is not easy and takes time to kick off. People don’t blindly trust you or your company without doing a little research on you. When they run a search on your company if they don’t find anybody talking about you, there is a good chance they will not do any business with you. This is where business blog marketing comes into picture.

How the customer’s mind works?
When a blog is written about the company’s products and services, the reader believes that the company is recognized by someone. This will make them feel more secure about trusting the product. So make sure there are a lot of blogs and links in all these blogs to get the reader to your website. When comments come in talking about the product, the confidence in you will build and hence your business will take off well. This is why business blog marketing ranks high among other marketing tools.

Increased visibility
Business blog marketing will increase the visibility of your website. A blog that is written with the right keywords will show up on the search results. This will get your website a lot of traffic. Well written blogs can get regular readership. An option where people can send the blog to friends will also help your business.

Advantages of the business blog
Most online advertisement go unnoticed as they are displayed in places where non-target people will view it and this will be a waste of investment. Whereas blogs are looked up by people who use search engines to find information about a certain product. This is one of the reasons business blog marketing is being used widely. All other forms of marketing are expensive and use huge chunk from the company’s finance. Blogs on the other hand, will cost you nothing. Other advantages include the ability to improve using the negative feedbacks.

Tips that will make the blog viewer trust you
Not everybody can write blogs that are convincing but there are some points that will make the reader connect to you. Business blog marketing is tricky and a attention should be given to detail.
     – A blog will get more credibility if you give them an email so they can contact you. Being reachable make you look real. 
     – Person to person interaction like using the comments option at the bottom of the blog will also make sure they don’t forget the blog.
     – Always review the comments before you let them be posted. Negative comments by people can lead to distrust.
     – Always run a check before you post the blog to make sure spelling and grammar is right.

Even if you are a small budding company, with the right kind of business blog marketing, you can make a mark on the internet. The anonymity will let you appear to be a successful company and you can slowly grow into this image by giving quality service and by being reliable.