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Online Marketing Blog- The New Marketing Tool

November 23, 2009 | Comments Off on Online Marketing Blog- The New Marketing Tool


One of the most recent ways of marketing is the online marketing blog. It has already proved to be one of the most effective ways of reaching the customer. Not only is it cheap, it has higher turnover than any other form of marketing. Most people do some research before they buy a product online. When they do this if your blog is what they find then you could be the one they do their business with.

The credibility factor
Seeing your company or product mentioned on the internet will gain you a lot of credibility. Being talked about will make your customer believe your company to be a long standing, popular company. Take care not to put the viewer off with spelling errors and grammatically wrong sentences. Never get any facts wrong in your online marketing blog. You should appear to be the expert so any mistakes will make you lose your credibility in the eyes of the reader.

Ways to post your blog online
Online marketing blogs can be posted in a number of ways. Blogs can be posted on forums where the members are discussing a product similar to yours. The link to your website can be added along with the post. When you add the blog where it seems like a natural conversation, you can get a lot of hits. You should take care not to come across as pushy or over eager to promote the link. Another way is to star your own blog post. This will be found only through keywords searches and should be regularly updated to be visible. The good thing about forums is that any time a person looks up for the thread, they will find your link so your information put out there is permanent.

Marketing skills
Even though it is done online, some marketing skills are required to make the online marketing blog successful. In addition to information about your product, some additional information from personal experience should be added so as to make the blog interesting. Use simple conversational language and avoid technical language to make the blog appealing to a reader with any level of understanding. 

What you need to start an online blog
Online marketing blogs are easy to start but will need a little planning.
• You can either choose a template or design your own blog if you know how to.
• You will have to keep a blog writer ready if you are too busy to write it yourself.
• The blogger should be an expert in the field and be able to understand the queries and reply appropriately.
• The writer should be instructed to post new blogs regularly.
• Keyword research should be done to help it to be found by the search engine.

Online marketing blog doesn’t require the kind of finance any other form of advertising does. This is ideal for the new online companies with a dream of making it big. How can you use blogs for marketing?