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How to benefit from a blog marketing network?

October 12, 2009 | Comments Off on How to benefit from a blog marketing network?


Blog marketing network is a way to get a larger readership for your blog and more visits to your website. You can write a number of small blogs revolving around each product or service and link all these blogs to the main website. This way, no matter what people look for, they will end up at your website and possibly get you a lot of business. It also works the other way around by having the links to blogs of each product. You give the customer more information and also get their confidence.

Being referred to will give your blog a lot of credibility. The referrals should always be relevant and carefully placed so as to seem natural. Finding what your competition is doing is an excellent way to stay ahead in the game of blog marketing network. Referrals will result in a tremendous increase in the traffic. Customers will also trust you more when your link is recommended by somebody. If your blog is very well written then there is a good chance that people themselves will recommend it to friends.

Design the blog marketing network for the customers
Depending on the kind of people who will be looking for your products, use the language appropriate for them. For example, if it is a general product used by young as well as old, then a language that is not too technical should be used. If components of an industry are being sold, then technical specifications should be written so the reader can find what he is looking for. Reviews are looked up a lot in the search engine so make sure you have a review posted in your blog or a link posted in a review for the blog marketing network. You can also post a link to your website in other blogs to direct the traffic to you.

A necessity for online business
Having a blog marketing network is almost a necessity for any online business to be successful. Without getting people to know about you cannot stay in the business for long. The aim is to keep the old customers coming and to find ways to attract new customers.

Do thorough researches before you start the blog marketing network. Visit sites or forums where people are discussing related services and post your link there. Diverting traffic into your site takes a little effort and time but it is time well spent. Find out what keywords people use to find your products and incorporate these into your blog.
• An upbeat tone will always keep people positive and this will help business.
• Use of blog feeds will help in marketing the content.
• You can write some related articles which only give information and don’t promote the product. The link to your website at the end should do the trick.

There are a lot of ways to get the blog marketing network in place. Care should be taken not to overuse keywords to avoid being banned from the search results.