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Blog marketing tips that will help you run your blog with success

September 14, 2009 | Comments Off on Blog marketing tips that will help you run your blog with success



In order for a blog to run successfully it needs to be marketed in a particular manner. It does not make any sense for a blogger to devote all his or her efforts into designing a great blog if no one is going to access it. Marketing a blog is not a very complicated or difficult thing to do. This article will fill you in on the basic blog marketing tips that you would need to get you started. These blog marketing tips can also be used by existing bloggers to enhance the success rate of their blogs.

Tip no 1: Comment
One of the simplest blog marketing tips is commenting. Find blogs that are similar to yours, as in those that operate in the same niche and start commenting on them. There will surely be something that you would have to say – say it. You will soon find that people want to read what you have to say about the topic too and hence will start following the link to your blog. This is an easy and sure shot way of marketing your blog and it will only cost you your time.

Tip no 2: Listings in paid directories
Listing yourself is one of the blog marketing tips that will cost you a bit of money. If you have a spending budget to market your blog, it would be advisable to spend some of it here. However you must be aware that most of these listings have rather high standards and will advertise your blog only if it meets those standards. If it does, this is an excellent way to drive traffic, and massive amounts of it, to your blog.

Tip no 3: Update
Updating your blog is one of the ‘must dos’ amongst all the blog marketing tips. You might wonder why updating is so important. Let’s have a closer look at why updating your blog is so crucial to your success. Let’s say you have a visitor to your site and he or she likes what you are talking about and the way information is presented. There are very high chances that they will revisit. If your blog is not updated, they might come back a couple of times more but after that you would have lost the reader as no new information is available. Now multiply this scenario by hundreds. That is how important updating is. However it is also very important that you update your blog with relevant and good content.

Tip no 4: RSS feeds and press releases
Our last amongst the blog marketing tips is RSS feeds and press releases. RSS feeds can be more helpful than you can imagine. Allowing these feeds enables your blog to get to more people. This in turn will allow them to spread it to people they know. Creating press releases about your blog is also another way of going about marketing your blog. However some press releases might require a fee.