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Winning features of a free content website

August 24, 2009 | Comments Off on Winning features of a free content website


If you run a business website you will not find a more useful tool than a website that can provide you with content that is free and that can keep your site updated on a regular basis. Many people all over the world are turning to such websites to help them stay on top of the competition. If you haven’t already joined a content website such as this read on and you will see the benefits.

Joining is fast and easy
The most important feature of most free content sites is the fact that it does not take up too much of your time to actually register yourself as a member. You do not need to install any software or software patches and they work with all web browsers as long as you have an internet connection.

Set up your blog with ease too
The second great feature of free content sites is that blog setting up is easy too. Most sites like these have access to all the popular blogging sites. They also offer additional postings through RSS feeds.

Customisation of RSS controls
Free content websites can also customise your RSS controls. You can format your feed to use the content website’s system thereby replacing the existing search word of your feed with the keywords that you need. You can also decide on the number of search results that will show up with each feed.

Control your postings
Just because the free content website that you use manages the posting of content on your site, it does not mean that you have no control over it. In fact this is what is so brilliant about websites like these. They may do your work for you but you still get to control the way the work is done. You can set the number of posts that you want put up on your website and the frequency with which it should occur. You can also specify the time of day that you want this done. You can even format the keyword and have it linked to a different URL.

Flexibility over keyword controls
Every free content website will give you complete and flexible control over your keywords. By this it means that you can add keywords of any number to the controls. You will have an option of how you can add the keyword. For e.g. you can either cut it and then paste it or you can choose to upload it. You can set keywords to be chosen randomly or in sequence and more importantly you can reset the keywords after they have been utilised. This can be done manually or automatically.

Preview the way your site looks
With a free content website you can even choose to preview the way the post will look on your website. This feature makes it possible for you to customise the settings and change them if necessary, to ensure that your blog looks exactly the way you want it too.