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Find an Automated Content Source for your Website

August 7, 2009 | Comments Off on Find an Automated Content Source for your Website



There is no denying the crucial role played by fresh original content in the success of any business website or blog. It helps keep your website relevant to your target audience as well as maintain a high page rank on search engine results page. Both of these measures ensure that you have a constant stream of targeted visitors to your website. This in turn helps ensure that your website maintains a high conversion rate and a large profit margin. But, the content source can indeed be a problematic issue.

The Problems With Content Source
For best results, it is important that the content you add to your website is highly relevant to your business. This content may include industry news, technological advancements, enhanced business opportunities, etc. But, the biggest obstacle to adding such content to your website is finding it. You are likely to spend a lot of time searching for information that can be added to your website on a regular basis. Without a unified content source, you are going to have to browse the whole web to keep coming up with ideas to write about on your website.

Other Issues with Content Management
Finding useful information is not the end of the road in the case of content management for your website. Once you have identified the content source, you then need to create a post for your website that is interspersed with keywords that are relevant to you. Once the post has been written, it then needs to be formatted to match your website look and feel. Finally, it needs to be posted on the website itself. While none of these steps are complex or confusing, they are extremely tedious and time consuming. Having to go through the same process on a regular basis would require resources that are usually unavailable to most business owners.

Get Automated Content Source
Technology has provided a unique solution to this problem of content management faced by website owners. There is now available is a cutting edge application program that acts as an automated content source for your website or blog. It not only creates relevant content for your website, it also formats and posts it for you. It also provides you with useful back links and RSS feeds options. This means that you get not only a content source, but a complete content management solution. 

How Does It Work?
To make the most of the automated content source, you need to identify all the keywords that are relevant to you. There is no limit to the number of keywords you can use. Just feed the keywords to the application program and choose your formatting and linking options. Once you have done this, your job is done. In as little as 15 minutes, you will have fresh, original and keyword rich content on your website. You can choose the number of posts you want added everyday and the automated content source will provide you with that many unique posts on a daily basis.