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Facts about Developing Effective Web Content

June 9, 2009 | Comments Off on Facts about Developing Effective Web Content


When you are creating a web site, the most important thing is developing effective web content.  But that can be more challenging than you might imagine. Even if you know how to write well offline, it takes some special skills to write online and quality content is too important to risk. Below are some suggestions that can help you develop the web content.

Suggestion #1: No Long Sections of Text
While people may read lengthy paragraphs of text offline, they aren’t going to do that online. Instead, you need to focus on making your web content more visually appealing. You want to use short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and other ways of providing a lot of white space among the text. This is going to make your material more intriguing for the reader.
If the reader arrives on your landing page and sees nothing but a huge blurb of text, they are likely to leave pretty quickly without taking the time to read the content.

Suggestion #2: Simple Content is Important
Not only do you want to minimize the length of your paragraphs so you have enough white space to make everything more visually appealing, you should also keep your content simple, as well. Remember that a wide range of visitors are going to be coming to your site so you don’t want to drive them away with complex sentences and jargon. The basic rule is to write for an 8th grade audience. That doesn’t mean your audience isn’t educated; it just means you want to make the content easy for them to grasp quickly. That’s essential for effective web content.

Suggestion #3: Focus on Content over Graphics
Having necessary graphics, such as a screenshot to help explain how a particular piece of software works is fine but you don’t want to add more graphics than you have to.  Graphics take a lot longer to load than text and not everyone has high speed Internet or the newest computer so this can be frustrating for many of them. You want to minimize these problems by keeping your graphics to a minimum. Instead focus on developing the best content possible. This is the real key to effective web sites and in bringing in the highest amounts of traffic possible.

Suggestion #4: Add Links to Your Content
Another important element of effective web content is links. You want to have links between the pages of your site to improve navigation, as well as links within your site to pages outside of your site. These links help add some diversity to your content. They add visual interest, and they provide a good way for your visitors to get additional information. Furthermore, both types of links are going to help your site end up higher in the search engine rankings.
Like a blog, your web content should always focus on the readers. Keep the material about them and their needs, and you’ll be on the right track.