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Strategies for Improving Ranking of Your SEO Marketing Blog

June 1, 2009 | Comments Off on Strategies for Improving Ranking of Your SEO Marketing Blog


When you use an SEO marketing blog, one essential aspect is boosting your ranking so that people are more likely to find your blog, read it, and become interested in your business. However, you need to take a few steps to increase the likelihood of that happening. Here are some strategies that would be effective at boosting the success of your SEO marketing blog.

Strategy #1: Developing Inbound Links
An important part of getting a higher ranking for your SEO marketing blog is the development of inbound links. These are the links other web sites have to your blog or to particular posts on your blog. However, these are not the easiest ones to get because you can’t easily control the efforts of other people.
Having quality content is essential if you want other sites to link back to your site. You can also do reciprocal linking as a way to build a system of inbound links to your site.

Strategy #2: Creating Quality Content
Always focus on developing good content. No matter what other things you are going to be doing for your SEO marketing blog, you have to keep that content strong. For example, you may need to use keywords in order to score a high ranking but that doesn’t mean you should only focus on those words.

While you need to think about the search engine spiders, you should always think about the readers first and foremost. You want to provide them with informative or useful content that is going to be of value to them – the content shouldn’t just be there to wrap around the keywords.

Strategy #3: Using Links within Site
Additionally, you want to make sure to have links among your posts and pages. Search engine spiders want to see strong solid navigation, and these links are a great way of providing these links. You should connect the posts whenever appropriate and relevant. In fact, some experts recommend that you even create a site map that provides links to all of the posts. This makes it easier for your visitors to navigate your blog and also increases the ranking of your web site.
Internal linking will also help your SEO marketing blog move up the search engine results which will increase its exposure and increase the revenue that you earn for your efforts.

Strategy #4: Keep the Content Original
While you do want to focus on specific themes within your posts, you also want your SEO marketing blog posts to be unique. Don’t copy the same ideas or material exactly at any time. You want each of your posts to be wholly original. There’s no reason you can’t do more than one post on a specific topic but don’t provide the same information. For example, if you are doing a series of posts on dog training, you don’t include more than one post on teaching a dog how to sit. Each post should be unique for maximum benefits.