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Four Tips for Effective SEO for Blogs

May 26, 2009 | Comments Off on Four Tips for Effective SEO for Blogs


If you’ve made the wise marketing decision and started using a blog, your next step is to figure out how to get that blog a lot of attention on the search engines. How do you do that? The same way you would for your normal web content: search engine optimization. SEO for blogs is not really that much different but let’s look at four tips that will help you boost your blog’s overall performance at Google and other search engines.

Tip #1: Update Regularly
This is really crucial to your blog’s success, as well as for the success of your SEO for blogs. When a blog is not updated regularly, the content gets old and stale. The search engine spiders are programmed to know this so the longer it takes between updates the more likely it is for your blog to end up at the low end of the totem pole in the results. You don’t want that to happen.
If you’re having trouble keeping up with the demand for new content on your blog, you do have options. Some sites can help provide you with fresh content, for example. This is a good way of maintaining your freshness even when you get swamped with other responsibilities.

Tip #2: Keyword Optimization
Keywords are essential for SEO for blogs, too. Each of your posts should be centered on a particular keyword that is directly related to the content of the post and to the main concept you’re promoting. Using keywords that get a lot of hits but don’t have much bearing on what you’re selling won’t provide much of a benefit for you down the road. The best keywords are those that will attract a targeted audience who has an interest in what you have available.
Just remember that the content of the post must have its own merits, too. You don’t want to provide just a lot of fluff around some well-chosen keywords.

Tip #3: Moderate Inclusion of Outbound Links
While you want to definitely include some backlinks to your main web site when working on SEO for blogs, you should also consider incorporating outbound links to other high-quality web sites that provide relevant content for your readers. Look for sites associated with government agencies, respected education institutions, and non-profit organizations. These will provide the best resources, higher points with search engines, and won’t be in competition with your site.
The key here is going to be moderation. You don’t need three or four in every post. You don’t even need one in every post. But placing them carefully throughout your content is a good idea with SEO for blogs.

Tip #4: Stay on Topic
The most important thing with SEO for blogs is to stay on topic. Choosing relevant themes for your blog posts is very smart. You want to have a good number that stay similar in theme – this seems to do well with search engines and will help your rankings.