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SEO Blogging Software

June 15, 2008 | Comments Off on SEO Blogging Software


If you are into blogs like millions of Americans these days, then you will need to use blogs effectively.  Although, when the concepts of blogs was first created for personal purposes nowadays it has become a popular gateway to earning money on the Internet.   Now you can easily use blogs to create yourself a platform for money making opportunities.  You can either use blogs to pool in people who can be potential customers to do indirect marketing or you can use blogs to effectively demonstrate the usefulness of any product or service that you may be promoting. 

Another way that you can make some good money on the Internet is by using Blogs to generate Google Ad sense income in to your web site.  This is also a popular method and many professional bloggers earn money using this method. However no matter what purpose you use your blogs for, if you want them to be effective, then you will need to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques to have your blog recognized and ranked by the search engines.  One of the most important things for success on the Internet is definitely get a higher rank in search engines.  This is very important for a web site to have a long life. Without meaningful traffic ,a blog site will be worthless in every aspect.

Thus you will need to use SEO Blogging software to create blogging sites that are compatible with the search engines.  This way you can earn income by ads or by getting conversions to sales.  The SEO Blogging software should allow the search spiders (which are used by major search engines) to recognize your blogs and categorize it according to the relevant key words that you want.  Once your blog is indexed, then you will have the ranking you need in due time as the spiders crawl and integrate your site in to the search engines.

Also an effective SEO Blogging Software should allow you to integrate things like video blogging and spatial commenting to allow your blogs to be more linked and more popular.  This will also generate quality traffic besides the traffic that is already generated by the search engines.  Many SEO Blogging Software like Blogger will allow you to get the SEO techniques that you need installed automatically in to your hosting system. Of course, some of these software will need you to have some technical know how like Linux and FrontPage in order to install them effectively.

You can also use SEO Blogging Software such as Blog Overdrive (www.blogoverdrive.com) to get RSS feeds integrated in to your blog web site.  RSS feeds are an important way of creating high quality traffic for your web site.  By using this tool, you can have unlimited number of RSS feeds linked to your web site instantly and you will not even need detailed technical knowledge to accomplish this. However,  no matter which SEO Blogging software that you choose, you should make sure that you take all the necessary steps to insure that your blog shows up on all major search engines.