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Web Content Management

May 30, 2008 | Comments Off on Web Content Management


If you have a web site, then one of the biggest problems is the fact that it will need to be dynamic in many cases.  This means that you will need to change the layout of your web site, you will need to put fresh and update articles, you will need to update the information in your website, and you will need to put new pictures, animations, java script in to your web site.  Having a dynamic and regularly updated web site will ensure that you will have better ranking in the search engines and you will have quality links which will lead to quality traffic to your web site.

Thus you will need to have a web content management system or content management software to help you accomplish the tasks mentioned above.   However, web content management means many different things that you will need to d watch out for.  A web content management system must have automated templates that will allow you to create new pages instantly that are in synchronization to your web site.  This means that if you need to add a special page to your web site, you will not need to spend hours for creating an additional page.  All you have to do will be to use an automated template, which will allow you to add the page in seconds with the headers, web site logo etc. already installed.

Web content management system’s second requirement is the fact that it must have easy editable content.  You will need to use a simple editor like a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get).  These simple editors will allow you to create web pages in minutes without the hassle of knowing H T M L coding techniques.  A web content management system should allow even people that do not have technical orientation to participate in creation of content for the web pages.

A quality web content management system should allow for special feature upgrades and web standards upgrades easily.  Also these upgrades must conform seamlessly to the website without hassle or technical know how.  However the most two important aspects of web content management system is document management, and workflow management.  This means that sequential tasks can be created for web sites that deal with huge flow of documents such as article web sites or blog web sites.  An ideal web content management system should allow you to create documents in sequential order. (This means first you create a document, then you send it for editorial approval, once it is approved or revised then it is published on the web site).  In addition, web content management systems will allow you to create work flow orders and parallel working capability.  This means that you can have two different work flows separately developed from each other and then integrate it into a single working component.  Especially for special web sites this is a very useful trick that allows you to create quality and professional web content for your web site.