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Using your blog software to bring in more traffic!

April 4, 2008 | Comments Off on Using your blog software to bring in more traffic!


In today’s date and age no one has the time to read through pages of text on a website. If you want your blog to bring in more traffic and more repeat visits you need a web content management system that is dynamic and automated. This way you always have fresh and ever-changing content on your site that makes visitors keep coming back for more.

Snippets of information

Typically with an automated blog posting mechanism you can populate your blog or website with dedicated and targeted information relevant to your niche. While this maybe great for your target audience it also helps in another aspect. Usually the visitor will see the headline of the text coupled with a few lines detailing the gist of the article. The reader always has a choice whether to click on the link for more information or not. Thus in this way you are never forcing down information on your customer. Rather you provide a platform that offers variety of information and choices. Sites like blogoverdrive.com provide innovative SEO blogging software that can accomplish a dynamic content on your blog or site.

Multiple sites

The good thing about using SEO tools for automatically updating content on your site is that you can place this information on multiple websites. This gives more exposure and popularity to your blog or website online. Multiple visitors can now access your information and click back into your own blog or site. This way you are publicizing your website online to more users online. Such automated blog posting mechanisms will enable you to attract more customers online and hence an increasing number of clicks.

Affiliate programs

Using affiliate marketing tools you can really jumpstart click-throughs into your site or blog. However, while this presents a lucrative method of getting more clicks into your site, you also need to have quality content when you refer customers to your affiliate program. You can use a wide range of SEO blogging software to populate your blog or site with high quality, keyword rich content that gets searched by users online. Then you automatically infuse greater visibility and prominence of your site online. The result – more clicks, more referrals and ultimately more sales! You can always include the affiliate link into the content to create a back link into your own site.

Quality traffic

Today SEO tools are all about increasing traffic volumes into your site. However, it isn’t enough to just get more clicks. It is also important to get a niche target audience into your site. This ensures that you get access to a ‘warm market’ that is already partially interested in what you are selling online. That automatically entails lesser work and effort needed from your end to convert these visitors into buyers. This improves sales conversion statistics on the whole. Using a web content management system that automatically populates your site with niche, relevant information, you can easily accomplish this.