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Web Site Content

February 20, 2008 | Comments Off on Web Site Content


If you are into the world of Internet Marketing and Internet Business, then you know that you must have a website and your website content must be adequate in order for you to be successful.  Nowadays, one of the most important things in Internet Marketing is the presence of proper web site content. 

Mainly this is important for two major reasons.  The most important reason is the fact that you will need to have the highest possible traffic, in order to get people to see what you are offering.  If you do not have high traffic (number of visitors to your web site) then you will definitely have problems and you will not be able to get the conversions or the income that you need to stay open. 

A statistical research showed that when people surf on the Internet, once they come upon a website, the surfers in general look for 4 to 12 seconds to the main page before deciding to move on or to delve in further to the website. Thus your website content must be satisfactory and you must have it in a presentable form, if you want to be successful. 

One of the most important things in getting a good traffic from the search engines is definitely by the way of good and quality content.  The top search engine Google has over 100 criteria that it uses for its algorithms and no one really knows what these criteria are.  However, Google has suggested in various circles that a good content with quality writing weighs heavily on the website’s search engine ranking.  Thus you should make sure that you get a professional writer to write a good content for your website.  This means that you should not have any spelling mistakes or any major grammatical errors.  Some experts have even suggested that Google may lower your ranking, if the search engine spider programs determine that you have over 4 spelling mistakes in your website. Thus this means that quality writing becomes a major issue.

Another important point is the fact that the web site content must be updated regularly.  This is also important because, this allows the Google Search Engine spiders to give you a higher ranking.  In addition, fresh and updated content will cause the web surfers to come back again to your website to read and see fresh content.  In fact, most experts agree that a new and fresh content is probably more important then using flashy graphics and java scripts in your web site.  Many researchers agree that a professionally written content along with frequent updates will cause more interest by the surfers than animation graphics.  Anyhow, this shows that good web site content always wins in the end. Also, from the practical stand point, having quality web site content will insure that your web site will get quality links from other quality web sites and this will deliver quality traffic to your web site.  Thus, you should update your web site content today with quality writing.