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How To Do A Check Up On Your Blog

February 12, 2008 | Comments Off on How To Do A Check Up On Your Blog


So you’ve decided to include blogging as part of your internet strategies and you make sure you have fresh content regularly posted and you reply to comments immediately; but have you ever stopped to perform a check up of your blog? Just like anything else around you, blogs also need to undergo periodic check-ups. Without proper maintenance, your blog could get cluttered and full of junk and eventually become useless.  

Here is what performing a check-up on your blog entails:

Testing the time for loading
Most blogs load in no time at all when they are new, but in time a whole lot of additions that have been made, including plugins and widgets, tend to slow down the load times. This can be terribly frustrating to most internet users who do not have the patience to wait for your page to load. They’d much rather leave and check out another site.
The best way to determine if your page load time is normal or way too slow is to compare it with other blogs and see where it stands.  Removing the unused, extra add-ons from your blog can increase its loading time.

Checking for Dead Links
Several valid links that had been included in your posts at some time, may now lead to dead ends either because the websites or blogs that they led to have removed that page, altered their link structure or just shut down altogether. This could cause a lot of disappointment and frustration among your clients who are looking forward at getting some extra info on the topic.  It is important to check your blog periodically for dead links. There are several online tools that can help you do this. 

Clearing the Clutter
Delete all those files and images that you had been uploading over the years and have since stopped using. While they are essentially harmless and will not really create any major problems, less files to deal with means your blog will be easier to organize and easier to maintain too. It also helps reduce the size of the blog.

Testing the appearance in Multiple Browsers
Testing your blog in multiple browsers, especially the more popular ones, will give you a better picture of what exactly your customers are seeing when they access your blog through their own browser. There are plenty of programs available, such as Google Analytics that help you ascertain which are the most commonly used browsers amongst your users. No, you do not have to install every browser onto your computer, there is software available that allows you to see screenshots of your blog in different browsers.

Clean up spam from your blog
Although there are a whole lot of tools that can be used for preventing comment spam, inadvertently some amount of spam does manage to slip through the cracks. Check for inappropriate comments by going through older posts periodically.
Don’t wait till your blog has slowed down to a crawl. A regular maintenance schedule will prevent many frustrating moments and will help your blog to function optimally.