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SEO Software for your Optimized Website

February 11, 2008 | Comments Off on SEO Software for your Optimized Website


Since the invention of Google in 1998, the world of Internet has been a different place.   Nowadays all web site owners are mainly worried about getting that highest rank in a Google search for relevant key words.  For example, if you have a web site on floral creations for wedding, then you would want to be in the top 5 ranking when some one searches the web site for the words wedding and floral arrangement.   If you are in the first 5, then you have a good chance of getting quality traffic for your web site.  This is especially important, if you have a web site that is involved in Internet marketing.  As you very well know greater traffic will result in a greater percentage of conversions for your products that you are marketing.

Thus the concept of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important part of getting a high traffic web site.  Therefore, you will need to spend some time and use the SEO Techniques and especially the SEO software available on the web, in order to create a website that has optimized meta tags, the proper key density and the correct index structure.  These will allow the spiders of the search engines that crawl on your web site to return more favorable results. This will automatically result in a higher page rank for your web site.  Of course, no one really knows the exact criteria Google uses in its algorithm for creating rankings.  But we do know, that there are just over 100 different criteria that Google uses for its search engines.  However, the most important criteria is definitely the number of links to your website, meta tags for your website and the relevant key density.

This means that you will need to use SEO software to help you out with the tasks mentioned above.  The first software that you can use is a page rank analyzer that will allow you to get your exact ranking in the top 3 search engines (Yahoo, Google and MSN) This will allow you to know exactly where you stand.  There are several SEO software that is available on the web for that purpose and they will show you your page rank separately for each major search engine.  You can even see the ranking for your competitors with these software and tools.

Once you know your position, you can start improving it with SEO Software and Tools.  You can use software such as Keyword Density Analyzer and Keyword Checker to see how your keyword density is and how your keywords react in the major search engines.  There are even SEO software that allows you to have suggestions for optimal keywords and optimal meta tags for your web site.  For those professional web masters, there are special SEO software like Log Analyzer that will allow you to see the separate logs for various Google servers around the world relating to your own web site.    Once you focus yourself with these SEO Software, then you are set on your way to getting a high ranking website.