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5 Essential SEO Tools to Start Pulling Search Engine Traffic

February 10, 2008 | Comments Off on 5 Essential SEO Tools to Start Pulling Search Engine Traffic


If you have not optimized your blog or website with search engine optimization tools yet, you have to start right now in order to pull search engine traffic. You can find several ways to perform a successful SEO for your site. But you need to be familiar with the most important SEO tools before you start. 

1. Popularity of the link
 Your web page authority is usually watched by the quantity of links which are directly pointed to your web page. When you have many backlinks, you will be truly love by the search engines. It is important that you check your websites link popularity, this is very important with your backlinks. Using the tools for SEO via the backlink techniques will help you progress in monitoring SEO.

2. The Software for Backlinks
As soon as you get sufficient quantity of backlinks to your webpage, it is also necessary that you have the combination of homepage URL’s and deep link URL’s. The link connections of the homepages are the backlinks that aims to your web page. The deep page connections are the backlinks pointing to a specific page in your website. It is very common or traditional for us to build a homepage type of link, but you must also be concentrating to develope some deep page URL’s for your website. The software monitor for SEO Backlinks will help you to see what type of backlinks that you have and that permits’ planning’s for the tasks ahead in SEO.

3. The Checker for Pageranks
The rankings in websites are beneficial to Google in order to classify the authority and the relevancy of the Internet at the search engines. The higher the pagerank, the higher authority will be your Internet in the search engines. To make your pagerank higher you must have backlinks of high rankings too. There are some Internet sites which uses URL’s in order to get some false rankings. You can monitor the true rankings before you post in a certain site. The checker for the rankings in webpages comes too convenient for this status.

4. Forecasting of Pagerank
To some tools for SEO, they are permitting you to predict the page rankings of Google within the next updates. But these tools have not been guaranteed due to the fact that no one knows how algorithm of Google functions. But you can attempt to do this so you can still try how the working performance of your website and absolutely when these data’s perform well it will surely motivate you.

5. The Search Engine Positioning 
When your webpage has been published and doing those optimizations for the search engines indexing, you must be able to monitor how well the key phrases for the search engine page rankings. You must use the tool for SEO positioning in order for you to understand. Certainly, you can do that checking when you do that by typing by hand the keywords in the Google search box although it is very time wasting if you have a little amount of keywords to check. An automated tool for search engine positioning is really beneficial to increase your sites productivity.