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Benefits of Blogging

February 9, 2008 | Comments Off on Benefits of Blogging


Still wondering, ‘Why Blogging’? Wondering why every company large and small, is abandoning other proven marketing techniques that have been used down the ages and jumping on to the blogging band wagon?

Take a look at what makes blogging such a potent marketing tool and why even established companies are resorting to blogging to leverage their businesses:

Blogging is incredibly easy and inexpensive

With so many online tools and easily available software that helps you along every step of the way, setting up and maintaining a blog is incredibly easy. All you need to do is create the content, press submit and your blog is published for the world to read. There’s no need to hire expensive advertising agencies to market your product nor is there need to hire IT experts to get your content uploaded on to the World Wide Web. Even the most technologically challenged individual can use blogging as a marketing tool.  It is DIY marketing at its best.

Blogging is Immediate and World-wide

When you have a blog, you have the opportunity to be first off the blocks with fresh news. Unlike other publishing methods where you submitted your news or your content and waited for either the publishing or the advertising agency to take the news out to the world, with blogging how fast you get your news out is up to do. You have a point of view on some recent happening, you type it in, post the comment it on your blog and seconds later, you’ve literally attracted the attention of the whole wide world. Blogging is 24/7; it has no time lines and no geographical boundaries.

Blogging opens up endless possibilities

Blogging does not restrict you in any way. You can have one blog or many; you can focus on any one subject or many. Blogs are an effective way of broadcasting an individual’s or an organization’s stand on any issue and can be adapted to achieve any end result, from innovation and superiority to environmental awareness.

All blogs are not necessary public. They can also be employed for internal communications, resolving issues and tracking projects within the organization.
Blogging helps boost search engine rankings
Focusing on the appropriate keywords and keyword phrases in different combinations maximizes your visibility and catches the attention of search engines looking for those particular keywords. This, in combination with your link popularity can have a tremendous influence on boosting your search engine rankings.
Blogging increases your networking potential
Blogging are a far more effective way of reaching out to prospective clients than any regular website. Marketers who blog go out of their way looking for relevant websites that they can link to, if only to offer something of value to their own customers. This kind of active networking has the potential of attracting an endless amount of traffic to your blog. Moreover, this traffic will almost certainly be all targeted traffic.
The biggest benefit of blogging?- it is the biggest influencing factor when it comes to converting sales into profits.