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Want To Increase Your Blog Membership? – 2 Easy Ways To Do It

February 4, 2008 | Comments Off on Want To Increase Your Blog Membership? – 2 Easy Ways To Do It


Blogs, which was once considered as mere online diaries just a few years ago, have suddenly shot into the limelight as powerful web 2.0 marketing tools. Even established companies that had been using traditional marketing methods for years have finally conceded the impact of blogging and are increasingly adopting it as their primary marketing strategy.

With so many online tools easily and freely available, setting up a blog is simple and easy. What several new marketers don’t realize however is that setting up a blog is probably the easiest part of blogging, marketing the blog and increasing the blog’s membership can be a whole new ballgame. Anybody who has jumped into the deep end of blogging without taking the time to learn some more about it, is in for a big surprise.

One of the first aspects that any blogger will have to deal with is the matter of increasing the blog membership. Here are three simple and easy ways to do it:

1- Keep your readers in the loop with regular and unique posts

The only way to convert your casual visitors into long-term regulars is by supplying them with a steady stream of fresh and interesting content to read. What this means is that you will have to stay committed to writing and posting unique content on a regular basis. Blog posts are different from articles in that they are short, snappy and need to be posted regularly, at least thrice a week if not more. Writing four posts in one day to compensate for the next two weeks could very well be a mistake, no matter how interesting your postings may be. Occasional readers who may have read an interesting post and bookmarked your blog for return visits are likely to be frustrated at the lack of fresh content and are likely to take their loyalties elsewhere. With an overabundance of blogs in every corner of the blogosphere there is no dearth of options for readers to choose from. With every other blog offering fresh and interesting snippets of information everyday, why return to a blog that seems like a dead-end? To keep your readers coming back for more, you need to give them something to come back for. If you cannot keep up the momentum of posting fresh content regularly, you should consider using automated blog posting services to do the work for you.

3- Acknowledge your readers’ comments
All your visitors who have taken time to post on your blog will expect you to acknowledge and reply to their comments. To those comments that are positive you could say a couple of words thanking them for their continued support and for ratifying your product. Be careful with the negative comments, you do not want to rile your reader any more. Maintaining an even tone throughout, clarify the situation to your reader, apologize for any inconvenience and go on to thank him for stopping by and taking the time to help you improve. Reacting angrily to adverse comments could open the floodgates of hate posts and have your readers divided into two camps. Unstemmed, an angry exchange of words would also do much to increase your blog membership but that is something you can do without.