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How to Manage Multiple Blogs Successfully

February 1, 2008 | Comments Off on How to Manage Multiple Blogs Successfully


For something that actually started off as a kind of online diary, blogging has now become a powerful online marketing tool. With a wide array of blogging tools easily available over the internet, it is relatively easy to set up a blog and blogging has quickly become part of every business’s marketing strategy.  Not satisfied with one blog, several businesses launch multiple blogs, one for each product or service that they offer.

While this is a very effective marketing technique, managing and maintaining several blogs can be very a very time-consuming affair. You will need to post comments and updates regularly onto your various blogs, besides which you will need to make sure you answer the various queries that are posted on all the different blogs. Most importantly, you will need to make sure that even if the blogs are related, the postings on each and every blog are different and distinct from each other. Launching several blogs with the purpose of recycling content could prove to be an expensive mistake. Readers who visit your various blogs for the express purpose of reading fresh and interesting content are bound to feel cheated if they find the same content on all of them. Sooner or later they are likely to feel that visiting just one blog serves their purpose and will stop visiting the other blogs altogether, defeating the very purpose for which the multiple blogs were launched in the first place.

Committing adequate separate time for each of your blogs and updating all of your blogs regularly are the two basic strategies that will help you manage multiple blogs successfully.

Committing time for each of your blogs
If you have decided to launch several blogs with a view to having a separate blog for every product you offer, make sure you do not play favorites with any one of your blogs. All are equally important and none should be neglected.  Failing to spend sufficient time with one or more of your blogs could result in drastic decline in your traffic as well as serious doubts raised on your credibility as an honest business man.

Different blogs have different requirements depending on the product as well as the target traffic. Start by ascertaining what each blogs needs and try and estimate the time requirements for each of your blogs. Some blogs are pretty straightforward and maintenance is easy whereas other blogs are more complex and could require a considerable amount of time spent on research to keep it functioning smoothly.

As requirements often change over time, regular evaluation is a must.

Updating All Blogs Regularly
Whether you have one blog or many, fresh content is key to attracting target traffic consistently. If the time interval between your postings is just too long, readers who visit your blog looking for something interesting are likely to feel a sense of déjà vue and will just stop visiting altogether after some time.  Admittedly updating several blogs regularly can take up a lot of time; time that is better spent attending to other aspects of your business. Using automated blog posting services of companies such as Blogoverdrive.com is an effective strategy towards managing multiple blogs successfully.

Before launching multiple blogs it may be a good idea spend time organizing your schedule with a view to determining whether or not you will have time to do what it takes to have all your blogs up and running successfully. If you have any doubts, it is far better to concentrate all your efforts on running one highly successful blog rather than mismanaging several.