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Getting Your Blog to Earn for You

January 25, 2008 | Comments Off on Getting Your Blog to Earn for You


Blogging is no child’s play. While it is a very clever way to enhance your business, it also represents a way to help you earn money. Using strategies such as affiliate marketing as well as other tools you can easily get your blog to make you some extra money – maybe even enough to support you in a full fledged manner!

Advertising options

Nowadays there are several options that can help you get a piece of the profit that other bigger companies are making! One such example is Google’s Adsense. It allows you to promote another site on your blog and each time there is a click through, you get a commission of the profit! It’s a very nice way to get money without really having to make much of an effort. This is one of the new internet marketing ploys to have hit the online world.

RSS feeds

One of the other great ways to earn quick money through your blog is to leverage RSS feeds. You can subscribe to RSS feeds that are relevant to the niche your blog deals in. Then each time the user clicks through to the RSS feed source site, your blog gets a commission! This is in essence a form of affiliate marketing although it is far more effective. Sites like http://blogoverdrive.com allow automatic RSS updates into your blog.


Another tactic that most bloggers are using these days is to seek sponsorship from larger companies to subsist their blog. They contact companies that deal with the same niche the blog is dealing in. Then the blogger can either write on topics provided by the company and earn large amounts or just give the company space to advertise their products. This internet marketing strategy works wonders for both the sponsoring company as well as the blog!

Affiliate programs

Then there are affiliate marketing programs which allow bloggers to leverage the power of referrals to earn a commission. In such cases the way it works is that the blogger contacts the affiliate company and refers customers to the affiliate site. Then each time a click through results in a successful sale, the blog gets a significant commission!

Digital products

Using digital products such as e-books, select online courses as well as teleseminars can really help you get enough money to supplement your blog income. You could even break up an existing e-book written into several smaller chunks which you sell as course material or a series. Such a form of internet marketing can not only improve visibility of your brand but also positions you as an expert in the niche. Besides this it also earns you plenty of monetary profits.


Many blogs also actively seek donations and tip jars to seek additional income. Many bloggers have actually gone ahead with fund raising initiatives in order to supplement the income they get for their blog. This has enabled many avid bloggers to turn to blogging as a full time business opportunity.