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Diversify and Increase the Traffic to your Blog

January 25, 2008 | Comments Off on Diversify and Increase the Traffic to your Blog


The success of your blog largely depends on the amount of traffic you receive. There are several effective ways in order to increase the traffic volume to your blog. With automated blog posting you can keep content on your blog fresh and get visitors to come back for more! Here are some tips to increase traffic into your blog.

Regular posts

One of the criteria of making a blog successful is to keep posting interesting content on a regular basis. Otherwise readers get easily bored and will move on to another blogging site. There are a wide variety of SEO software available these days that enable you to populate your blog with fresh content. Companies such as http://blogoverdrive.com have a wide range of blogging tools that allow automated population of your blog with new content. You can choose the frequency of updates as per convenience. Having new content on your blog will also ensure that more people will come back to read your blog.

Value added comments

One way to get more traffic into your blog is by posting useful and informative comments on other people’s blogs. It shouldn’t be a comment that is just a one liner. It needs to elaborate on why you like the other person’s blog. Then in turn you could include a link back into your own blog. This ensures more traffic from other sites and blogs coming to your blog. With the range of automated blog posting mechanisms available these days, it’s easy to get increased traffic into your blog!

Complementary sites

One trick into getting increased traffic volumes is to link to other sites that complement your own blog. Instead of linking to your direct competitor sites which can be detrimental, it is a good idea to look for similar blogs. For example if your blog deals with spare auto parts, then try looking for auto sale sites or sites that deal with auto related topics. You could even use SEO software to optimize your own blog to draw in more traffic!

Subscription option

Your readers need to have an option that allows them to subscribe to feeds or newsletters from your blog. This ensures two things: one, you get to increase your customer base of contacts, and two, you get to have repeat visits from customers who keep coming back to your blog for more information. Hence it is in your best interests to have quality content posted on a regular basis. Sites such as http://blogoverdrive.com can help you get access to high quality information posted on your blog on a regular basis. With automated blog posting you can have more traffic subscribe to your blog content.

Display RSS button

Another great way to add traffic to your blog is by showcasing the RSS button to your blog. This will enable visitors to easily add the RSS feeds to their mailbox. It also saves them the hassle of having to return to your blog. They get all the information from your blog right in their Inbox! Today such SEO software can accomplish all this and much more!