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Why Bloggers should Engage in Article Marketing

January 21, 2008 | Comments Off on Why Bloggers should Engage in Article Marketing


If you are engaged in article marketing you would have already seen how submitting articles to article directories and ezines can have a huge impact on the amount of traffic visiting your site.  But if you are not combining your blogging and article marketing efforts you could be losing out on a powerful platform to draw even more traffic to your site.

Here’s why business owners should amalgamate their blogging and article marketing efforts:

• Think about every post on your blog as content; every time there are questions asked and answered, advice sought and given and opinions are shared. Every one of these posts generate powerful content; albeit randomly. Why let such valuable content lie there only to be archived at a later date? By submitting your interesting and informative blog posts to ezines and article directories you can maximize your exposure to potential clients with no extra effort at all.

• The main essence of article marketing is to draw quality traffic to your website. Using article marketing to generate quality traffic to your blog helps you maximize your article marketing efforts as well as your blogging efforts. Using your blog posts for article marketing augments your exposure to the general readership. A reader who was hitherto unaware of your existence and whose interest is now piqued, would now click on the back link to your blog and be a part of your discussion. This not only boosts the quality traffic visiting your blog but also helps you obtain precious back links, which in turn boost your search engine rankings.

How Bloggers can Engage in Article Marketing
The fundamental difference between blog posts and articles is that blog posts are really a conversation going on between you and your readers and also between the readers themselves. Your readers ask questions or express their opinions and you are expected to address these issues. Blog posts are generated regularly and typically have a word-count that is much smaller than regular articles. However these blog posts have a lot of valuable content in themselves.

Here are a few ways in which you can engage in article marketing using your blog posts:

• If your blog post meets the 300-word requirement for ezine submission, you can go ahead and submit it as it is. However, if the post is less than the optimum word count necessary, as most blogs are, you could combine two or more posts that have a common thread running through them and then submit them to various ezines and article directories.

• While entire articles are just too long to be posted on to your blog, you can call attention to them among your blog readers by posting a synopsis of the original article, like a kind of teaser and provide your readers with a link where they could read the whole article. Most readers will come back to your blog and post their feedback on the article, adding even more value to your blog and generating even more content.

Article marketing through blogging is a powerful tool and if you have not yet embraced it as a marketing strategy you could be missing out on a tremendous opportunity to boost your sales. If you have been hesitating because of the time-consuming nature of blogs you should consider using automated blog posting services such as those offered by BlogOverdrive.com, which makes easy work of generating fresh content to your blog regularly.