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Boosting Traffic to Your Blog through Internal Linking

January 17, 2008 | Comments Off on Boosting Traffic to Your Blog through Internal Linking


Why internal linking is important
Improving your internal linking will help your blog become more user-friendly while at the same time boosting your search engine rankings. Here are a few internal link building strategies that are definitely worth the effort:

Set up a FAQ
Creating a FAQ page is a surprisingly simple yet effective way to improve internal linking. Pose popular questions that are based on the content already existing on your blog posts. Answer the question partially on the FAQ page and provide a link to that specific post for more information. Using highly targeted keywords and keyword phrases will improve your search engine rankings, increasing your traffic even more. 

Link to relevant posts
Linking to other posts on related topics helps increase the number of internal links to your blog posts while at the same time helping your readers find bonus content that could be of interest to them. You have the option of using a plug in to create  related links at the end of your posts if you find it tedious and time consuming to create them manually.

Place links in the footer
If your visitor has read your very interesting post to the very end he will likely scroll all the way down to check if there is anything more. Once they’ve reached the bottom of the post, most readers would prefer checking the footer for relevant links rather than scroll back to the top. Providing your visitors with links to other pages or posts improves your internal linking while making good use of the footer, which normally lies wasted and forgotten at the bottom of the page.

Include text links throughout your posts
Since your blog posts essentially revolve around the same topic, there will be plenty of  linking opportunities among the various posts. Keep your eyes open for opportunities and create a link every time you come across text that relates to the topic of an earlier post. You will find that your linking opportunities will increase as your content increases. It’s also a good idea to go through your older posts once in a while and create some links to newer posts that did not exists at the time they were published.
When including links in your text it may be a good idea to put a few in the first few paragraphs of the post. Several veteran bloggers have reported a huge increase in click-through rates from RSS readers with links that are placed at the beginning of the content.

Utilize your side bar
Including links to your most popular posts on your sidebar is an effective way of boosting your internal link strength while also increasing your page views. Including links in your side bar manually would require you to make regular updates whenever you have a new post that you would like to link to.

Use automated blog posting services
All your internal link-improving strategies can come to naught if you do not have sufficient content to link to. You know you need more content but what if you do not have the time required to create fresh content regularly? Sites such as Blogoverdrive.com offers automated blog posting services that can eliminate the manual effort of generating fresh content. Plenty of content on your blog opens up several more internal link building opportunities.