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Enhance your Blog Marketing

January 15, 2008 | Comments Off on Enhance your Blog Marketing


You have a great looking blog, replete with a host of interesting information. However, now you want it to be known amongst search engines and visitors online. How do you do this? Here are some great strategies to improve on your blog marketing.

RSS feeds

RSS feeds are a great way to publicise your own blog. You could allow these feeds to be extracted from your own blog. This way you will see content from your blog being published across multiple sites and these sites will also typically link back to your own site. This will also get you plenty of referrals to customers online who would be curious to come and visit your site. There are plenty of SEO blogging software available these days that allow you to publish snippets of content from your blog on multiple sites.

Regular updates

The success of a blog largely depends on the number of visitors it receives on a regular basis. This will happen only when readers find that your blog has been updated on a frequent basis. As part of your blog marketing efforts you need to ensure you keep posting fresh content into your blog everyday or at least every week. If you happen to mention on your blog that you update the blog each week and then don’t do it, it can really disappoint readers. In time readers will find outdated information on your blog and won’t come back to visit it. Having a large readership base is one of the critical factors to ensure the success of your blog. Sites such as http://blogoverdrive.com/ help you automatically publish high quality content on a frequent basis on your site or blog. This enables you to have a dynamic, fresh blog that never has any outdated content!

Posting comments

One other great way to get more click throughs back into your blog is to post comments on another blog that is of the same niche as you are dealing with. Doing so you can also include a link back to your blog to persuade others to comment on your blog! This will accomplish two things – one, readers will be tempted to post a comment on your blog and two, it will ensure more traffic back into your site! This is a wide range of SEO blogging software available these days that can populate high quality content automatically into your blog or site!

SEO methods

Your blog needs to be treated just like you would any site. It needs the same amount of dedication and attention that a regular website needs. One aspect of getting your blog popular amongst search engines is to optimize it appropriately. By using high quality and density of popular keywords you can greatly improve your blog marketing efforts online. Try using keywords in the title as well as Meta tags and all across the main body text as well. This will attract more visitors into your blog and enhance page rankings as well.