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Content Writing for Websites

January 14, 2008 | Comments Off on Content Writing for Websites


Web content writing is far different than that of the printed matter. People have a tendency to scan the web for useful information rather than reading word by word. This is why you must follow some guidelines when writing for your website:

Simple and clear language:

You should keep in mind to follow an easier way when writing your web content as reading a soft copy is much strenuous for the eyes and approximately 25% slower than reading from a paper.
” You have to establish a content that can be understood by all age groups of people starting from 8 years old and 88 years old relatives.
”  Using shorter words are good techniques in creating a clear content.
” You are strongly recommended to avoid complex sentence structures.
” Using active ahead of passive words can make your content easier and shorter.
Keep one idea into one paragraph

Visitors of your site can easily go through different paragraph if you assign one idea to one paragraph. They can get an essence of the paragraph and move to the next one. They can easily skip over a paragraph without loosing their desired paragraph as they will roughly know at the starting what it is about.

Front-load content

You should make sure that the first line of a paragraph contains the conclusion for the same so that the visitors can instantly realize what the section is about and can decide if they need to read the rest of it or not.

Use expressive sub-headings

If you split up your text with expressive sub-headings, your visitor will enjoy the ease of selecting a section of a page that is exactly necessary for them. But it is important to keep the sub-headings into logical groups so that the visitors can choose the section that they’re after.

Make the Important Words In Bold

The significant words must be in bold, it is another way to assist the users in locating their desired information easily and quickly in some paragraphs. But you have to consider those words to highlight which describes the key point of a paragraph.

Use expressive link text

Link text can help the visitors to locate useful information in the same way that bold texts do. A text ‘click here’ linked with related page always makes more sense about the topic that is a visitor looking for.

Use lists

Long paragraph should contain lists because they allow visitors to examine the information vertically. Readers can scan easy, less intimidation and generally more succinct if you user lists accordingly.

Left-align text

Left aligned text is the easiest to read than center, right aligned or justified text. Visitors can feel difficulties to read a justified text as they contain gaps between words which slow down the reading speed. Center and right aligned paragraphs makes the reading speed more slow as every time the visitor complete reading a line he has to search for the starting of the next line.


These guidelines are not very difficult to imply when writing your web content. But following these easy steps you can create a significantly great content which will help you to boost up your site with huge traffic.