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Gain Brand Credibility using Web Content Management Systems

January 13, 2008 | Comments Off on Gain Brand Credibility using Web Content Management Systems


Your website or blog is actually an extension of your brand identity. You need to reflect a holistic, positive image of your brand online. In order to do this, the quality of the content you upload is also of vital importance. That’s why a robust and high quality web content management system is of prime importance.

Quality and professionalism

Usually it is the simple things such as spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar that create the most negative impressions of your site or blog online. These are blatant errors and reflect extremely badly on your brand image as well as the kind of quality standards you have set for the company. It should be the aim of every website that as part of their search engine marketing efforts all spelling and typos be checked thoroughly before content gets posted on the site. You could have two in-house teams – one that creates the copy and one that proofreads it. This will ensure that mistakes do not happen.

Your target audience

The next thing you need to consider is the exact niche segment your products and services are targeting. This will not only affect the kind of content you will publish online but also the tone and style of content too. Most web content management systems will take this into consideration and some RSS feeds will also populate your site or blog with niche and relevant information. You just need to subscribe to the kind of topics you think will interest readers in this niche. Sites such as http://blogoverdrive.com/ have high quality blog software and tools that can populate your site with quality content on a regular basis.

Relevant content

When you are a niche segment even the content on your site or blog needs to be relevant to the reader. For example if your site is selling garments for 20 plus youngsters then your advertising copy as well as web content also needs to sound young and upbeat. On the other hand for a site that sells clothing and accessories for older people, the approach would be very different. Today there are a wide range of search engine marketing strategies that take great pains in understanding the exact target niche segment your site or blog will address.

Dynamic content

Nothing puts off a reader more than reading the same information day in and day out. Whenever your visitors come back to the site, you need to provide them something new to read. If not for anything else, the curiosity of knowing what’s new on your site will keep them coming back for more! Almost all web content management systems today have strategies that frequently populate your site or blog with relevant information. You just need to upload the posts into a queue and then specify the frequency at which you want the posting to happen on your site. The rest of the work is done by these RSS feeds and blog software themselves.