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Blog Marketing

January 12, 2008 | Comments Off on Blog Marketing


Search Engine Optimization is very important in blogs as well as website, a critical part on your website business. The key phrases will give so many options for online success.

It is very essential in your blog that you will give a continuos update, which is very relevant in key phrases or key words. You will be given lots of key phrases or key words for your blog site or website by different sources like source url’s like ezine.com, google news, etc… these two samples, when you enter key phrases that are related to the business or services that you have in your website, you will be able to get lots of page for contents in blogs.

Top tips for blogs and websites

1. Make sure that your headline in blog will get the attention of people. There are many blogs in the internet and many of them have high revenues, how they do it? They monitor which of the article will grab the attention of the people.
2. Always include the URL of your site at the body of your articles in the blog site.
3. If possible make an appealing outline of your articles so as to awaken the involvement of your readers and they will be reading the whole blog articles.
4. Write your articles as though you are appealing to the people all over the world so as to arouse their interest.
5. Never make your articles like a marketing site…(only be able to inform people and not sell)
6. To get the appeal of the search engines, rank higher it is important to include the keywords in your articles, particularly in the headline and the summary as well as all throughout the body of your blog.
7. Links are very important, they give due revenue to your article as well as your blog.
8. You must be sure that the URL of the blog will be included to websites that has good page ranking.
9. It is a must that the key phrases for the website of your blog is included in the title, heading and the meta tags, also all throughout your blog (this is the most important)
10.  Other things for the keyword phrases are that you need to include them in the Meta tags and the blog description or directory; they will help you to rank higher to google and yahoo.
11. There is a tool that can help your search engine keywords lists at least every month, at the URL:http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion
12. You may search for keywords needed by your blog or website at: http://www.conquering-the-search-engines.com
Becoming an entrepreneur in the internet is not that different when it comes to the world we live in, they both require determination, determination and more determination. This online service is offering lots of very appealing products and much more new and exciting. This growth that was seen online becomes the new enterprise for these modern days. People who go to these online demands must be able to prioritize their clients or costumers as they are the life of every business.