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5 Tenets of Successful Business Blogging

January 7, 2008 | Comments Off on 5 Tenets of Successful Business Blogging


Business blogging, the latest mantra of online marketers, is a powerful tool that can either make or break your business. Do it right and you can add tremendous value to your business by building trust in prospective clients and creating loyal customers. On the other hand, bad or inconsistent business blogging can have a hugely adverse effect on your business.
If you intend engaging in business blogging here are a few points you should keep in mind to ensure that your blog works effectively to attract customers, not push them away.

1- Make it Short, Sweet and Easy to Read
Most internet readers are people on the go; they’d love to listen to your ramblings but they don’t have the time. Make your posts short, interesting and easy to read and you will have a captive audience that is riveted to your blog. Drone on about the latest antics of your pet rooster and your readers will want to get out of there as fast as they can; chances are they won’t be back in a hurry.
Using sub-headings and frequent paragraph breaks will help make your posts easy to read and enable clients to grasp the essence of the post without having to read each and every word.

2- Be Personal but Remain Professional
The purpose of a blog is to reach to potential customers and engage them in conversation. Keep your tone friendly. Relating an interesting story or a funny anecdote that is relevant to the story will inject a bit of personality into your post and will help establish yourself as someone your readers can relate to and trust.
Through it all, keep your tone absolutely professional. Don’t be offensive or rude and don’t use swear words or slang. Your blog is an extension of your business and however friendly they may be, your readers are your clients and not your back-slapping buddies.

3- Edit and then Re-edit every Post before Publishing
Every post you publish is a reflection of the quality of your business. Bad grammar and spelling mistakes can undo what you have spent years trying to build. Edit each post meticulously before you publish it. Fluid expression combined with good grammar and perfect spellings are indicative of a business that is run by an intelligent and professional person.

4- Focus on your Readers; Not your Product
Avoid sounding like an extended advertisement for your product. Business blogs that do nothing else except flaunt their products will find themselves grounded before they can even take off. Blogs not billboards. They are conversation grounds where potential as well as existing customers gather together to interact with each other and engage in a conversation; not read ads.

5- Do not Start what you cannot Finish
Setting up a blog is easy; it is maintaining the blog that can prove to be time-consuming and sometimes difficult. There are questions to be answered, doubts to be clarified and fresh content to be posted regularly. All too often people launch business blogs and then find they are too busy running their businesses to take the time required to maintain their blog. Simply put, if you are not absolutely committed to your business blogging; don’t start. Readers watching a blog crumble and fall are likely to make powerful deductions about the business as a result of this. If you think you do not have the time to update your blog, use an automated blog posting service such as BlogOverdrive, which will add fresh content to your blog on a regular basis, saving you time, money and your business.