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Automate Blog Content – It Is An Essential Marketing Tool

June 1, 2012 | Comments Off on Automate Blog Content – It Is An Essential Marketing Tool

By Kenneth Middleton

Blog owners and originators have found that this way of online marketing is an essential tool to get online businesses off the ground, and keep them moving along with good momentum. The only problem is, that to really drive the blog into over-drive it takes some serious commitment. The weblog needs to be updated on a regular basis, and if we are talking about every day, and the owner has 5 or 10 blogs, then the only thing to sensibly do, is automate blog content.

Not many people have the time, nor the inspiration to still run their businesses and write five or ten blogs every day. We have to bear in mind in this instance that time is also money; if the originator has to spend their whole day writing blogs, then, there is no time to actually run the business effectively.

Web based, automate blog content generators are the key. These are state-of-the art applications which automatically add content that is relevant to weblogs or websites. This information is gleaned from RSS feeds, and is based on a key words list provided by the originator, and then driven by software called ‘token replacement technology’.

This SEO technology can be used for many marketing needs, and provides the leverage businesses require to beef up their blog SEO content, and more! It is inexpensive and it certainly is a darn site cheaper than hiring one or two writers to provide the same or a similar product. Even the cheapest writers cannot come in at the entry level prices for this technological miracle.

Entry level prices start at around $4.99 for 60 post per month, which can be increased to $19.95 per month for the most powerful feature packages available, for example at Blog Overdrive. This product offers as many as 2000 posts per month, and contains some brilliant formatting features.

But how on earth does automate blog content work?

It basically grabs content from the targeted RSS feeds, then automatically posts this to your blog. This helps search engine rankings, because it is great for SEO needs. It feeds the search engine daily with relevant content, and there is nothing quite like relevant content to attract those search engine spiders.  They are crawling the web right now as we speak, just waiting for you to provide them with something attractive. Good content is the ‘bread’ that feeds the search engine.

When targeted, relevant content is delivered to the blog on a daily basis, and the spider are attracted to this, it results in higher search rankings, which in turn means more targeted traffic, and conversions to sales. It is however important to remember that to automate blog content does not replace a good article writer, it is simply another tool that can be used to help obtain better SEO rankings.

Blog Content – Integrate It!

May 10, 2012 | Comments Off on Blog Content – Integrate It!

By Kenneth Middleton

If you own a business online and have promised yourself time and again that you would start adding blog content to your blog or website, and still have not done this, then, we suggest that you keep right on reading. There are many of you out there and doing nothing will not bring targeted traffic to your site, nor guarantee conversions to sales. There is only one way to make sure that both of these actions take place, and that is actually to take action!

 The horrible truth of the matter is that very few people who are busy with running a business online have time to write their own blog content. A very necessary evil or good thing, depending on how you actually look at it. Today it has been irrevocable proven that integrating regularly changing, current content to weblogs and websites actually is the bomb. It lights a fire under the virtual bum of your business, and not having or doing this, could be the one single thing that is standing in the way of stupendous success. 

Always remember that procrastination is the thief of time!

Managing multiple blogs can place a huge amount of stress on the time and bottom line of the site or blog originator. Sad really when this simple tool works so well to leverage marketing results. Daily updates can be managed by automate blog content software applications, and although this does not replace good writers in their entirety, the cost of this type of technology is incredibly attractive for the type job that it does. It is a very flexible option for originators, and will work for both single and multiple blogs and/or websites.

These are content generators, they are obviously automatic, and they update blog material from RSS fed facts. This takes place with little input from the administrator or manager of the website. It is ‘user-defined’ and kept up-to-date with key-word parameters that are set by the manager; this makes it both flexible and simple to use – guaranteed to hit the marketing sweet-spot.

The marketing sweet-spot is targeted audience visits to the business’ website, back links conversion to sales, audience participation, feedback, and other compliant goodies that are search engine driven.

There are many different version of software that can be used to integrate blog content, and most are managed with an internet connection, from any remote location. Software does not need to be downloaded to a PC or Laptop and this makes it far simpler to manage. In fact, there is no more effective marketing tool that is so simple to use. Marketing budgets are all different, and the one beauty about blog content software that is automated is that it is really cheap. But remember, you get what you pay for, and this tenet applies to this product too.